International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Mathematics

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Aatif Ali

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Research Article

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Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations


Optimal Axillary Function Method (OAFM), Modified b-Equation


In this study, the implantation of a new semi-analytical method called the optimal auxiliary function method (OAFM) has been extended to partial differential equations. The adopted method was tested upon for approximate solution of generalized modified b-equation. The first-order numerical solution obtained by OAFM has been compared with the variational homotopy perturbation method (VHPM). The method possesses the auxiliary function and control parameters which can be easily handled during simulation of the nonlinear problem. From the numerical and graphical results, we concluded the method is very effective and easy to implement for the nonlinear PDEs.

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2021-12-27 10:52:33

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