International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Mathematics

Corresponding Author

Umar Khan

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Research Article

Subject Areas

Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations


Jeffery-Hamel flow, Stretching/Shrinking walls, Runge-Kutta scheme, Adomian’s decomposition method, nonlinear ordinary differential equations


A viscous, incompressible fluid flows between two inclined planar walls. The walls are able to extend and decrease in size. By substituting an appropriate dimensionless variable, the dimensional partial differential equations of the flow model can be transformed into nondimensional ordinary differential equations. Solving nondimensional velocity and temperature in the model is made possible by the use of an analytical approach known as Adomian's decomposition (AD). Runge-Kutta techniques of order four are used to calculate numerical solutions to ensure the correctness of the analytical answer. On velocity and temperature, the impact of several dimensionless physical quantities embedded in the flow model is visualized graphically. The possibility of contracting or expanding a wall is considered. Finally, some final thoughts on this work.

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2022-01-04 03:07:26

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