International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Mathematics

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Muhammad Touqeer

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Research Article

Subject Areas

Applied Mathematics and Computations


Multi-criteria decision making technique (MCDMT), Interval-valued trapezoidal neutrosophic fuzzy number (IVTrNFN), Entropy Technique (ET), Grey Relational Projection Technique (GRPT), Medical Diagnosis


Decision-making technique (DMT) is mostly used in artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences to elaborate individual and social perception. So, one of the most important strategies in DMT evolved in medical diagnosis scrutiny regarding the connection of symptoms and diagnosis of diseases due to uncertainty and fuzziness in the relevant information. The focus of this article is to develop a diagnostic decision making strategy for the diagnosis of Viral diseases with close related symptoms using the Interval-valued trapezoidal neutrosophic fuzzy Numbers (IVTrNFN) w.r.t multiple attribute decision making (MADM) strategy where, the attribute value is evolved to Interval-valued trapezoidal neutrosophic fuzzy number and the attribute weight is unknown and can be related to the GRA (Grey relational analysis projection) technique. In this research several operational laws are developed as well as the expected value and the hamming distance between two IVTrFNs are introduced. Moreover, the information entropy method is used to determine the attributes weights and the grey relational analysis as well as the projection method are involved too in the proposed framework. The ranks of the alternative decisions are evaluated by their relative closeness to PIS (Positive Ideal Solutions), which combine the grey relational projection values from positive and negative ideal solutions associated with each alternative. Finally, a Viral disease example is given to verify the developed approach and to demonstrate its practicality and effectiveness.

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2022-05-14 00:10:04

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