International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Mathematics

Corresponding Author

Asif Mahmood

Document Type

Research Article

Subject Areas

Applied Mathematics and Computations


Boundary Layer Flow, Heat Transfer Rate, MHD, Skin Friction, Stretching Sheet, Variable Thickness


This paper is aimed to investigate the influence of Joule and viscous dissipation effects on boundary layer flow over a stretching sheet with variable thickness and surface temperature. The flow is subjected to space dependent magnetic field applied normal to the sheet. Mathematical modeling is done under boundary layer approximations. The governing partial differential equations are transformed into ordinary differential equations via appropriate similarity transformations. The resulting set of nonlinear equations is solved numerically. The impact of various physical parameters on velocity and temperature profiles is analyzed. Also, their effects on skin friction coefficient and Nusselt number are presented and discussed.

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2022-01-12 02:47:07

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