International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Mathematics

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Tahir Nassem

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Research Article

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Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations


Pantograph equations, Delay differential equation, Fractional differential equation, Reduced differential transform method


The study of an entirely new class of differential equations known as delay differential equations or difference differential equations has resulted from the development and application of automatic control systems (DDEs). Time delays are virtually always present in any system that uses feedback control. Because it takes a finite amount of time to sense information and then react to it, a time delay is required. This exploration was carried out for the solution of fractional delay differential equations by using the reduced differential transform method. The results are presented in a series of form that leads to an exact answer. The proposed technique is found to be accurate and convergent. MAPLE 17 is used to illustrate the results graphically.

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2022-02-15 09:57:33

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