International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Mathematics

Corresponding Author

Raja Mohammad Latif

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Research Article

Subject Areas

Algebra and Geometry


Neutrosophic topology, Neutrosophic δβ-open set, Neutrosophic δβ-closed set, Neutrosophic δβ-interior, Neutrosophic δβ-closure, Neutrosophic δβ-connected space, Neutrosophic δβ-separated sets, Neutrosophic super δβ-connected space, Neutrosophic extremely δβ-disconnected space, Neutrosophic strongly δβ-connected space


Real-life situations always include indeterminacy. The Mathematical tool which is well known in dealing with indeterminacy is neutrosophic. The notion of neutrosophic set is generally referred to as the generalization of intuitionistic fuzzy sets. In this paper, the notion of neutrosophic δβ-connectedness and δβ-disconnectedness in neutrosophic topological spaces is introduced. Also, we introduce neutrosophic δβ-separated sets, neutrosophic super δβ-connected spaces, neutrosophic extremely δβ-disconnected spaces, and neutrosophic strongly δβ-connected spaces. We investigate and study several properties and characterizations concerning connectedness in these spaces.

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2022-07-15 13:48:28

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