International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Mathematics

Corresponding Author

Muhammad Zahid

Document Type

Research Article

Subject Areas

Applied Mathematics and Computations


Burger’s equation; Upwind conservative and non-conservative method; Upwind conservative method; Lax Friedrich method; Lax Wendroff method; Mac Cormack method, Initial-value problem


This article deals with the solution of the Cauchy problem for the Inviscid Burger equation. Various numerical techniques like Upwind non Conservative, Upwind Conservative, Lax Friedrich, Lax Wendorff, and Mac Cormack, are used to solve initial-value problems for the Inviscid Burger equation. Through various model problems, the efficiency and accuracy of the techniques have been shown via the graphical and tabulated form with the exact solution

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2022-08-31 01:18:21

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