International Journal of Emerging Multidisciplinaries: Mathematics

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Zaffer Elahi

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Research Article

Subject Areas

Applied Mathematics and Computations


Heat transfer; SiO2-nano uid; Cattaneo-Christov model.


This paper represents the heat transfer of SiO2 nano uid over a vertical stretching cylinder. By using, suitable transformations, the governing partial differential equations are changed into non-linear ordinary differential equations, which are then solved by the numerical solver namely BVP4C. The scrutinized results both in the form of graphical and numerically have been developed from the scheme BVP4C. By using pictorial graphs, the physical parameter that appear in temperature profile are discussed. Further, the rate of shear-stress and heat transfer at the surface have been computed and tabulated in Tables 3-4.

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2023-02-02 23:57:40

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